Hospital Indemnity Policies
Why Should I Have Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance?
You can't predict when you may be hospitalized, so protecting yourself and your family is important. Major medical insurance will cover most of your doctor and hospital bills, but are you protected from the unforeseen expenses that can also occur?

Most people never anticipate the additional costs associated with a hospitalization that can drain your savings, for example...

  • Transportation, lodging and meals if you must travel for treatment,
  • Childcare and household help, and
  • Continuing regular financial obligations like groceries, car payments, mortgage and rent, and utility bills.

How We Can Help
Unlike traditional health insurance plans, our hospital confinement insurance pays a predetermined cash amount when you receive a particular service, regardless of what your provider charges you. There are no deductibles and you can keep your own doctor. We pay you cash benefits. You can use them however you decide. Benefits for covered services include...

  • Hospital admission benefit, hospital confinement, emergency room/urgent care,
  • Ground or air ambulance, inpatient and outpatient surgical services,
  • Office visits, lab work, allergy shots and immunizations, and
  • Prescription drugs.
  • $2,000,000 Over Your Lifetime.
  • All benefits are per covered person.
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