Critical Care Policies
Why is Critical Care Insurance Important?
We know the important role that you play in your family's life. A catastrophic illness, such as a heart attack or stroke, can be financially devastating to you and your family members. 

Major medical insurance covers most of your doctor and hospital bills, but do you have insurance for the unforeseen costs associated with a critical illness? Many people don't even ​realize the added expenses they may experience, such as...
  • Transportation, lodging and food bills associated with travelling for treatment,
  • Child care and household help, and
  • Continuing to meet your regular financial obligations like car payments, mortgage or rent, and utility bills. 

How We Can Help
Our critical care insurance is designed to provide you with peace of mind and help you overcome a critical health event by paying you cash benefits. You use the cash however you decide.

Our policies pay benefits for heart attack, stroke, coma, third-degree burns, major human organ transplants, coronary artery bypass surgery, paralysis, end-stage renal failure, even cancer.

We pay...

  • An immediate lump sum cash benefit,
  • A monthly income benefit, and
  • A reoccurrence benefit with no lifetime maximum.
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